Read our latest testimonial from the well known running coach and author of ‘The Boston Marathon: A Century of Blood, Sweat and Cheers’, Tom Derderian:

“Lori, Only now the fleece tights you sold me a long time ago have worn out. Best wishes to you.”

“The arm warmers are awesome!! They are so silky and I love the way they cover your wrists to keep you warm and stay in place covering your arms until you’re warmed up and ready to just slip them off! They are so much easier to pack and store than a sweatshirt and also wick away moisture unlike a sweatshirt! ” Candace, MA

“I will be walking for the 4th year in a row in the Seattle Breast Cancer 3 Day. My walking partner and I love your shorts/capris. Thanks so much for a wonderful product. ” Edith, WA

“I will be wearing them for the 3 Day in Arizona again. Thank you for providing such a wonderful product!! ” Judy, AZ

“Using them for the 3 Day 60 mile walk in Philly. I have two other pairs of your pants and love them. They’ve logged probably 1000 miles of training!

My training partner…….and I did an 18 miler today in Sportobin attire! No chafing allowed! I love the pants!”Margaret, NJ

“I love my shorts, I am a retired Navy Chief, so I’ll be honest working out has been part of my life for over 24 years, so needless to say I have used different athletic gear of every brand through the years, but when I tried on your shorts at the 3day Expo 2008 in Tampa Fl, I knew that I had come across a Gem stone!!!! Once my order came in, I have trained 4-5 days a week over the last year and the “Only shorts that I wear are my Sportobins!!!!!! Forgive me for going on. But that’s how I feel about them, I weighed 198pds,so needless to say comfort was Key to me!! Now I am 153pds, I train in Fl in sometimes high heat of over 98degrees!! And I tell you after doing 15 miles,in my black!! Yes black sportobin!! there is no other shorts I want to have on but my Sportobins!!! I wish I had them when I was serving in the Desert in Kuwait!!So can you tell I’m excited about my next order!! Thank you for your time in allowing me to express my gratitude to you and your awesome product!! ”
God bless, Retired USN
Belinda, FLA

“I simply LOVE everything I ordered and swear by your clothing as non-chafing and making you feel and look TERRIFIC !!” San Ramone, CA

“Thank you so much for your time. Also thank you for your excellent customer service. And thank you for recognizing that shorts with 2″ inseams aren’t for everyone!!!!!! :0)”

“Hi Lori…..Thank you….thank you…we received the package, she loved the fit and had a great experience ( as did we as pit crew members). We also saw a number of your shirts both solid and patterened.”

“I thought you might want some feedback on your walking shorts after the 3-Day. I LOVE MY SHORTS!!!!! (I also love them for Pilates.) They were my best investment, no question. Thanks again. ”

“Hey there! I have purchased from you 2 different times within the last few months. Once at the 3-day Kick Off and once at the Expo. I love your shorts and I have to keep ordering smaller sizes because I have been losing weight. …I definately will rave about them!!! Thanks again! I appreciate you! ”

“Did I buy two pink microfiber shirts and a pair of the long shorts from you yesterday t the expo? I love the shirts and would like two more…”