Lori Tobin - Founder of SporTobinLori Tobin is the founder of SporTobin, a Hull-based apparel company with workout clothes that work for you! Lori has spoken actively on the South Shore and beyond about healthy eating habits and exercise, especially in young children. She has also been involved in many causes: the fight against breast cancer, the MSPCA, Make a Wish, among others.

Our clothing, which is 100% made in the United States (how many companies can say that?!), is made to wick away sweat, keep you warm, and fit you well. If you wear SporTobin, you’re on a winning team.

Lori has recently been featured on WomenCentric, TaraBurner.com, Healthy Living Magazine, The Patriot Ledger, and South Shore Living Magazine.

Community Involvement

Ever since SporTobin was founded, Lori Tobin has been actively involved and contributing to charitable organizations and groups.