Lori’s 3 Healthy Eating Tips for a Tasty Cinco de Mayo

Can you believe it’s almost May? With Cinco de Mayo around the corner, I wanted to share my tips for making the holiday less guilty and more good-eatin’! Plain and simple: you don’t need to pack on the calories.

  1. Take advantage of the high-quality spices that are out there for you – chili spices, cilantro, etc. You can really add kick and taste without loading on toppings if you use your seasonings correctly.
  2. Opt for low-fat cheeses! If you’re making fancy nachos, you don’t need the cheeses saturated with fat, calories, and carbs. Healthy options are out there for you and available, often times, for the same price as their fattening cheesy counterparts.
  3. Don’t fry your veggies – grill them (same goes for chicken if it is included in any recipes you may be using). Grilled vegetables tend to taste better anyway. Great vegetables to shoot for (for their great taste + health perks) include avocados, farm-fresh tomatoes and bell peppers!

For healthy choices, I recommend checking out Health.com’s latest article – they share a bunch of recipes to help you avoid what they call a DIET DISASTER. Click here.